08 APR 2019

A New Research Opportunity for Curious Engineers

Adam Korn, a managing director and Global Co-Head of the Equities Franchise Trading and Securities Services Strats groups at Goldman Sachs, shares how the Digital Innovators Research Program came to be.

By Adam Korn 

Successful software platforms don’t anticipate all possible use cases. They enable and accelerate creativity and collaboration. When you’re just starting out, there’s no better way to understand what’s truly possible than to get the smartest engineers in the world to play around with what you’ve made.

That’s an idea Eric Schmidt shared with us a few years ago after a Talks at GS session hosted by Marty Chavez. The two were discussing Goldman Sachs’ efforts to package activities from its trading business into a platform called Marquee, when Eric suggested we fund smart outside developers to use our APIs to invent new businesses.

Today, we are proud to offer a platform that provides direct and programmatic access to the best content, analytics, and risk management tools in the industry. And, in the spirit of Eric’s suggestion, we are pleased to announce a new initiative to foster innovation and experimentation with our APIs: the Goldman Sachs Digital Innovators Research Program.

The Digital Innovators Research Program provides a year of support for talented engineers to pursue commercially-oriented research at the intersections of technology and financial services. Researchers receive $100,000, opportunities to meet with senior Goldman Sachs leaders, and access to mentors, datasets, and more. Applications are open through May 31, 2019 and you can find more details at gs.com/DigitalInnovators.

Sometimes the best uses of a platform are ones the original creators never envisioned. We look forward to seeing your proposals!