Advice from Dino Fusco, Services Division

28 NOV 2016

Dino Fusco, global head of Corporate Services and Real Estate, shares five pieces of advice that he would give his younger self:

1) Build your brand. Identify those attributes that only you can deliver.  Don’t forget the fundamentals: be engaged, organized, thoughtful, proactive, motivating and reliable.

2) Seek ways to add value. Always be on the lookout for ways to innovate, reduce risk, achieve a higher return and generate revenue.  Discuss these ideas with your manager.  These opportunities could become important initiatives, and perhaps even your next assignment.

3) Establish a “Board of Directors.” Build relationships with individuals – senior and junior to you – who are knowledgeable in areas that are important to your development.  Seek their advice and feedback, and share your own views with them.

4) Get involved. Find an activity beyond your role that you find interesting.  The firm has a wealth of opportunities to get involved, including affinity networks, recruiting, training, etc.

5) Value diversity – yours and others. Foster a community at work where you can be yourself to fully contribute, and where your colleagues can do the same.