Technology Risk

Engineering, Bengaluru

“Goldman Sachs fosters an environment where we are encouraged to work as a team, and where engineers can feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their points of view without hesitation.”

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BIT Mesra, Ranchi

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering


Reading and Exploration

From a young age, I loved problem solving and the logistics of mathematics.  In ninth grade I was introduced to programming languages, which, unlike pure science, provide pure logicality.  Everything can be traced back and tracked. I decided that computer science was the natural path for my higher education.

I was recruited to Goldman Sachs as a part of the campus placement program. During the recruitment process, my interviewers showed me a level of encouragement, which helped me understand the concepts and problems that I was given to solve. It was a very rewarding experience.

I am currently on the Technology Risk team within Engineering in Bengaluru. Our team provides solutions to Tech Risk Officers and auditors, and is responsible for control adoption, risk assessment, classification manager and control certification. Currently, I am building an interface that will help collect key information about applications and deployments to determine inherent risk and assign an appropriate risk classification. Working on this project has opened up many learning opportunities, in terms of technologies and through leveraging other teams’ offerings—which have unique technical implementations and associated learning.

At Goldman Sachs engineers can feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their points of view without hesitation. In our culture, we learn from one another and are encouraged to collaborate to achieve our team goals. Junior colleagues can engage with senior leadership because the firm’s flat organizational structure enables the collaboration and allows for creating innovative solutions to complex problems.  This was my experience—even when I was only at the firm for eight months, I was collaborating with senior and experienced leaders.

I participated in the Community Team Works (CTW) program where I took part in educating children from underprivileged backgrounds. I was also a part of the Katalyst program, helping improve the coding skills of second-year women engineering students and preparing them for technical interviews. In my spare time, I love to explore different neighborhoods of my city and read books. As a child, I found great company in books and joy in reading. Most recently I read Jhumpa Lahiri’s, Namesake.

My best advice to engineers starting their careers would be to always seek new opportunities. There may be times in your career where you might not feel challenged technically. Instead of waiting for someone to hand you a challenging project, do not be afraid to ask your manager or teammates for a technically-difficult task that will help you grow.