Sustainable Finance

Our Operational Impact

Corporate Services and Real Estate (CSRE) takes seriously its operational impact on both the environment and the communities in which we live and work. Focusing on the firm’s operational footprint, we aim to minimize our operational impact, recognizing that it is a prerequisite of sound environmental policy and a necessary complement to our core business activities. In all that we do, we strive to find smart, sustainable solutions that make business sense and are environmentally and socially responsible.

Our Corporate Services and Real Estate (CSRE), Technology, Office of Corporate Engagement, and Sustainable Finance Group teams work in close collaboration  to address our key operational priorities from all angles.

We have a dedicated green operational investment budget, which brings greater focus to initiatives that reduce our environmental impacts and enables us to invest in green buildings and innovative green technologies. We are targeting $2 billion in green operational investments by 2020.

The Environmental Policy Framework articulates our commitment to advancing the environmental stewardship of our corporate operations. Download Highlights of our 2020 operational goals or the latest of our new 2025 ESG Commitments.