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Jennifer Hyman, Redefining the Future of Fashion and Workplace Equality

Rent the Runway co-founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman discusses the company’s disruptive impact on the fashion industry, her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and how she’s leading by example to advocate for workplace equality. Watch Video

The Long & Short of It

The Solar Surge

After a decade of declining costs, solar power is cheaper than ever. Goldman Sachs Research explains how in some parts of the world the costs of producing solar power are now lower than those of generating energy from fossil fuels. Watch Video

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Why Healthcare is (Finally) Chasing Consumers

Jo Natauri of Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division discusses the changing landscape of the healthcare sector. Listen Now

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Top of Mind

Buyback Realities

The surge in US corporate buybacks to all-time highs has generated debate about the effects of buybacks on workers, companies and the economy. Goldman Sachs Research’s Top of Mind at Goldman Sachs podcast team speaks with a range of experts on whether buybacks come at the expense of investment, and what could happen if they are restricted. Learn More

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Taking the Heat: Making Cities Resilient to Climate Change

The effects of climate change are already being felt and are likely to persist for decades to come. Learn how cities can play a large role in climate change solutions. View Infographic

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Learning from a Century of US Recessions

The realities of growth deceleration, higher rates, and significantly tighter financial conditions have markets on heightened recession watch. But recession risks look modest according to GS Research economists Jan Hatzius and David Mericle, whose study of 100 years of US recessions suggests the prospects for a “soft landing” are better than widely thought. Learn More

Catch-Up With David

Catch-Up With David: with Chief Economist Jan Hatzius

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon sits down with Chief Economist Jan Hatzius, in the latest episode of Catch-Up With David, to discuss his career in economics, the unlikely mix of qualities necessary for forecasting and the economic outlook for the upcoming year. Watch Video

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Carbonomics: The Future of Energy in the Age of Climate Change

Climate change is re-shaping the energy industry through technological innovation and capital markets’ pressure. Read Report

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