Malcolm Gladwell on the Art of Storytelling - From Print to Podcasts

19 JUN 2018 New York

Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell discusses how he brings some of the most complex topics to life through vivid, accessible writing and compelling characters both on the page and in his hit podcast, Revisionist History

On hosting a podcast: “I like it better than writing books. It's more interesting because it engages more senses and there are things you can capture on a podcast that you can't capture on the page.” 

On the themes of his podcasts: “It's essentially, you're giving a sermon… If you tell a story properly then at the end you have an extraordinary amount of freedom to deliver your moral, your lesson… These are 40 minutes long and 40 minutes is an extraordinary long period of time. If you've captured someone's attention for that [long] and if they’ve put in 38 minutes, then for last two minutes you have 100% freedom. So that's probably why I'm attracted to that kind of story.”

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