Capital with purpose The Future of Sustainable Finance

Goldman Sachs
2018 Sustainability Report


making SUSTAINABILITY our business making SUSTAINABILITY our business

making SUSTAINABILITY our business

At Goldman Sachs, sustainability is an important driver of our engagement with clients and how we conduct our business. We provide the advice and capital companies need to grow, the expertise needed to manage risks, and the information and perspectives our clients must have to make business and investment decisions. Increasingly, all of these activities demand focus on sustainability issues, from the looming impacts of climate change, to health-and safety-associated risks, to credit and investment gaps that limit business opportunities and hamper economic progress in many parts of the world.

For Clients Building Opportunities Managing Risks For Clients Building Opportunities Managing Risks

For Clients Building Opportunities Managing Risks

At Goldman Sachs, we enable our clients to manage their lives and businesses for the long term. Here’s how:

Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

  • Provide suitable and appropriately priced investment products
  • Help manage risks and hedge exposures
  • Identify commercial solutions to global challenges, thereby creating new investment and risk management opportunities

Corporations & Governments

Corporations & Governments

  • Provide access to capital, strategic advice and risk management services
  • Enable companies to scale, expand to new markets and serve broader stakeholders
  • Provide solutions to reduce volatility in expenses
  • Help companies meet — and progress — public commitments to sustainability



  • Enable savings and investment for retirement, education and other goals
  • Help expand financial literacy
  • Help individuals gain clarity on their financial well-being
  • Provide access to passive and active investment strategies, including those incorporating ESG factors

Sustainability in Action Five ways we have impact Sustainability in Action Five ways we have impact

Sustainability in Action Five ways we have impact

Our commitment to sustainability underscores the responsibility we have to our stakeholders — our clients, shareholders, people and communities — to build long-term value. Our ability to do that depends on a framework with five key imperatives: driving sustainable growth, increasing financial empowerment, advancing environmental progress, investing in our people and managing responsibly.



Sustainability Infographic

We drive sustainable growth

Raising capital to support sustainable business models; creating opportunities for investors; investing directly to drive growth in underserved communities

We increase financial empowerment

Creating innovative tools and products to help consumers take control of their financial lives; opening doors globally for local entrepreneurs

We advance environmental progress

Leveraging capital markets to mitigate the impacts of climate change; minimizing environmental impacts of our own operations

We manage responsibly

Running our business with a culture of integrity and accountability, effectively managing environmental and social risks

We invest in our people

Maintaining a workforce that is highly engaged in delivering value to clients; creating a workplace that brings out the best in our people through diversity, inclusion and holistic support

“Only by integrating sustainability across our businesses can we deliver strong, long-term returns for our shareholders.”

David M. Solomon
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer